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Caring about people and our planet

We currently face some huge challenges around climate change, pollution, noise levels, congestion and obesity and with a few changes to our travel habits we can make a real difference and leave a positive legacy for generations to come.

We’re building a community of ACTIVE members who bank CO2 savings from journeys replaced with ACTIVE travel, and make the CO2 OFFSET collected available for anyone who wants to OFFSET their carbon footprint.

Our future depends on us.
Let's take a stand.


Get involved as an ACTIVE member

You can become part of our ACTIVE community and start banking your CO2 savings today with our simple, no cost registration.


Replace your journeys with an ACTIVE mode of transport and benefit from some additional exercise in your daily routine.


We will sell your ACTIVE CO2 to our OFFSET community and not only will you save on transport costs, you could earn money too!


More exercise in our lives is great for our wellbeing. Additional time pressures in life often mean we don't look after ourselves. We can help you look after yourself as well as our planet.


We are on a mission to improve our environment, by choosing active you will help reduce CO2 emissions, noise levels and congestion and directly benefit your local area.

What is OFFSET all about?

We’ve all heard about CO2 OFFSET programs where you can help fund projects to plant trees but the real benefit to our planet is to no create CO2 in the first place.   Our ACTIVE members help us provide an OFFSET that does exactly that.

Global impact

OFFSET your CO2 and impact the planet positively by choosing to OFFSET your CO2 footprint.

ACTIVE counts

We provide measurable auditable OFFSET, it's not just a number.


Why capture CO2 when we can reduce global emissions by encouraging each other to make simple changes in our lives.

Influence change

We have an opportunity as a community to make a difference to the planet that we and future generations can enjoy.

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